One month in Thailand. December 2017 – January 2018. Pattaya
8 february 2018

In Pattaya we stayed at Jomtien beach – a very comfortable location for living and working. We normally woke up, had breakfast, relaxed by the pool and worked. To get some food, we made a 30-minutes walk to our favourite cafe. We ate there or grabbed some food and went to the beach. Sometimes we swam in the sea. In the evening, we usually went to the night market and ate some fruits by the sea. Lovely time…

Pattaya is definitely a great location. It is by the sea so you can swim (even though the sea is not super good there). It is a city that means it has good infrastructure. There are shops, commercial centres, bars and restaurants. It is not far from Bangkok so you can always take a bus and visit the capital of Thailand. And what is most important is that the prices are really cheap!

For the New Year we went to Koh Chang – a beautiful island in Trat district. It took us 7 hours to get there. First by car, then ferry, then again car and we are in the hotel! Our friends invited us to join for the NY and suggested that we stayed in the hotel with them. We got prepared for the NY: in Pattaya we bought ingredients and made Olivie salad – this is a national Russia New Year salad. Everyone was happy! We had much fun during our stay there. We swam, ate, drank and danced :D Although we stayed just a couple days there we really enjoyed Koh Chang – it is a perfect place for couples and families!

The next chapter is going to be about Bangkok!