Nice underground entrance. Lisbon, Portugal
16 august 2017


Jamoneria icon, Barcelona
12 august 2017

This icon stands for “jamoneria” — a place where you can try jamon.
The icon itself is a jamonera — a special tool for slicing jamon.


Logo evolution
11 august 2017

This is how the Real Madrid logo evolved.


Street house tables
9 august 2017

Very beautiful street name signs in Barcelona, Madrid and Lisbon. They normally include the street name and the image.


Great service in a queue
7 august 2017

In Barcelona we decided to climb to the Monjuik mountain by the cableway. We had to buy a ticket and take an elevator to the station. The queue was so long. We had to stay about an hour under the sun. It seemed to be hard, but the two things saved us. The first one is free umbrellas we could use to save from the sun. The second one is a fan sprinkling the water.

Really great service!


Where is water?
6 august 2017

— I asked myself in a cafe, Barcelona. I automatically put my hands near the place where the tap is normally placed, but there was no tap there! Finally, I found out a table that said I had to press the pedal on the floor to activate the water.

Wow! It worked! :)