Door handles in the furniture shop, Barcelona
3 august 2017



Bench in Barcelona
2 august 2017

Why so long? To put more stuff, to lie or just for fun? I have no idea :)


1 august 2017

Just a cute element of the fence.

Take a look at the zebra-like things on the road. This is to separate the cycle path from the main road.


New! Design notes
31 july 2017

I start posting “design notes” – my notes and photos that I find curious. That is about graphic, UI/UX, interior and environmental design.

Here is my first post!

Barcelona NBA Cafe. Toilet :)

vk вконтакте дарья белякова upwork daria belyakova ui ux designer

Dynamic cover VK
31 july 2017

Here is a dynamic cover image I created for the VK public:

VK has recently launched dynamic covers. It is an image that includes dynamic elements such as time, weather, users information, currencies.

Now in Orel LIVE you can see the latest member of the public, most active commentator of the day and the weather directly in the cover.

Contact me for the dynamic cover for your public :)

vk вконтакте дарья белякова upwork daria belyakova ui ux designer

My Upwork profile status
30 july 2017

I keep working on Upwork and want to share my profile stats with you.

30 jobs completed successfully, 11 in progress. 482 hours of work.
Most important features are Top Rated status and Job Success which is 100%.

The number of hours mentioned is only Upwork time. I work with some clients directly as well.

My profile on Upwork.

review upwork daria belyakova ui ux designer