Design Line Online Course
30 november 2018

In November, I took part in the Design Line online course. During a week, every day I was watching live webinars about UI/UX, future of design, new trends, communications, etc. The speakers were owners and designers of Russian and foreign design studios.

You know, the human brain works, as follows: it stops working when it thinks it knows everything about something (e.g. design). It is significant to understand that IT (and UI/UX design is a part of IT) produces new information, daily. That being said, we have to learn something new, again and again. We need to become a student, again. Design Line helped me turn out into a student. I learnt some helpful tips, not only from speakers, but from participants, as well. Moreover, we got some plans on collaborations :)

It is great that Design Line is not about catching the wind in a net. Straight questions — straight answers, that is it. Happy to start using the knowledge I got in my work!

Дарья Сорокина

P.S. The last name in the certificate is different from the last name on the site due to family circumstances :)

Screenshot at Nov 30 15-36-07

Button color
26 may 2018

Button color name radio buttons. Instead of “red” it says “tomato”. Tomato color. Interesting :)

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Wow! WhatTheFont App is alive!
5 november 2017

My dreams come true :)

I used the WhatTheFont service for a long time to identify the fonts. It’s easy: just make a screenshot, upload it and see the fonts.

But sometimes you have to edit the screenshot (adjust the lightness, contrast etc). Here in the app you can simply take a photo and that’s it!

My tests below :)

2017-11-05 14.25.56

2017-11-05 14.30.13

Hm that’s easy. I know it is Georgia.

2017-11-05 14.30.18

Let’s try something more complicated. I do not know this font for sure.

2017-11-05 14.30.23

2017-11-05 14.30.27

This is Sheridan Gothic SG. Refugio looks similar, but it is not the correct font.

Love it!


Underground lines icons in Lisbon
18 august 2017

4 lines. 4 icons. 4 symbols.

Blue – gull.
Yellow – sunflower.
Green – caravelle.
Red – wind rose.

They have great look and feel. When you go down to the underground you hear the bell ringing (like on the ship) and you feel like a real captain from the Middle Ages. Unforgettable feeling!



Nice underground entrance. Lisbon, Portugal
16 august 2017


Jamoneria icon, Barcelona
12 august 2017

This icon stands for “jamoneria” — a place where you can try jamon.
The icon itself is a jamonera — a special tool for slicing jamon.