Welcome to the Pro Designers group!
25 december 2015

Keep moving forward! After being rewarded with the Top Rated status in June I continued my productive work on Upwork. In December I received an invitation to the Pro Designer group — a group of professional designers who have done a great job. Membership in this group gives an opportunity to take part in projects from top clients (that being said, more $$!).

To become a group member, 3 stages need to be passed: first Upwork managers request personal data; after that they investigate freelancer’s portfolio. Finally, they invite to interview via Skype. This stage is most exciting. I had to select a time frame that works for me in Upwork interview scheduler. Interview details have been sent to my email right after the time was selected. Next day I had a talk with a bearded designer Karl from St Louis, USA. Karl asked me 10-12 questions from the list Upwork managers provided him with. At the same time, we discussed some other subjects. The interview was quite informal. At the end of our talk, Karl said that he would recommend me as a Pro designer. Next morning my membership was approved!

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Clients. September 2015
25 september 2015

In May 2015 I posted an article about clients I work with. Let’s take a look at the “map” in September!

I started working with new clients from:

Indianapolis, IN (USA),
Waco, TX (USA),
Santa Barbara, CA (USA),
Minneapolis, MN (USA),
Montreal (Canada),
Yanji (China),
Neve Monosson (Israel).

Click on the map for full-size.

дарья белякова дизайнер daria belyakova designer upwork

Also, great news from Upwork. My Job Success and rating have been increased up to 100% and “5” respectively during the last months. The number of hours worked and projects completed is also growing. Keep moving forward in a Top Rated status! :)

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Congratulations, you’re Top Rated!
15 june 2015

Last Sunday I received an email with this subject. What does it mean?

The world’s largest online workplace Upwork (previously oDesk) appreciates my work as a freelance UI/UX Designer and has rewarded me with their Top Rated status. It means that apart from a cute badge in my profile I’m now eligible to receive exclusive job invites from special ($$$) recruiters, personalized recommendations and premium support.

This is particularly amazing because it happened within 3 months of me being on Upwork. Other freelancers have told me they had to wait for about a year to receive this privileged status. So my work is moving in the right direction and I’m looking forward to continued success.

A new article “How to become a Top Rated in 3 months” coming soon :)

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P.S. In case you are interested, please check my Upwork profile. Let’s collaborate!