Business Insight 2018
20 ноябрь 2018

2 ноября в Орле состоялся форум предпринимателей Business Insight. Пожалуй, это самый дружелюбный и полезный форум из последних, в которых я участвовала. На форуме собрались очень мотивирующие спикеры и не менее приятные участники.

Я представляла 2 проекта:

Artdaria.com - услуги по веб- и мобильному дизайну. На форуме я зафиксировала немало идей, которые хочу опробовать в своём деле.

ЕТЕМА.RU – сервис электронных билетов на мероприятия. Мы помогаем организаторам легко запускать продажи, а покупателям – в пару кликов приобретать билеты на любимые мероприятия города. Как раз мы и продавали билеты на Business Insight 2018! :)




Спикеры рассказали нам о своем пути и поделились полезными практиками в бизнесе, жизни и спорте.



У некоторых людей зачастую складывается негативное впечатление о бизнес-форумах, но могу уверенно заявить, посетив немалое их количество: каждое бизнес-мероприятие — это капля вдохновления и мотивации. Не стоит ждать, что на следующий день ты заработаешь миллион. Ты приходишь за мотивацией и волшебным пинком. А остальное — в наших руках ;)

Внимательности пост
10 октябрь 2018

Я всегда стараюсь уделять максимум внимания деталям в дизайне, и меня огорчают недобросовестные дизайнеры, особенно в печатных изданиях.

Лечу в самолете “Победа”, открываю журнал “Вестник Победы”. Начинаю листать, и тут что-то меня останавливает. Возвращаюсь на начало. Итак, на первой полосе Виктор Логачев (в журнале опубликовано интервью с ивент-организатором Виктором Логачевым, но это не суть важно в данном случае).



Далее — Виктор Логинов.


И, наконец, сама статья. И тут снова Виктор Логачев!


Больше внимательности в мелочах и не только в мелочах! :)

Цвет кнопки
26 май 2018

Интерфейс выбора цвета кнопки. Забавно, что вместо красного цвет назвали томатным :)

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Кипр, май 2018
19 май 2018

As you can see, I am a passionate traveller. I really love Asia and I wanted to go to Goa in May. But plans changed and we went to Cyprus.

What can I say about Cyprus? It is a mixture of cultures. It is blue sea and wind. It is freedom and delivious food. I like it!

We stayed in Aya-Napa – a great place for young people. However, it would be silly to stay in Aya-Napa all the time we spent there. We took couple buggies first, then jumped into the cabriolet and started exploring the island.

We visited most popular towns and beaches (Larnaka, Limassol, Pafos, Protaras) and the capital (Nikosia). We swam, jumped in the sea, tasted wine in the mountains. We ate Meze. It was a most crazy and coolest week ever!

I believe we will definitely get back to Cyprus. There are still plenty of places we would love to visit there. Moreover, it is not that far from Russia and the prices are quite OK there.

Wish you safe trips! Live, travel, enjoy!

One month in Thailand. December 2017 – January 2018. Bangkok
17 февраль 2018

Bangkok — a city of contrasts. I visited other huge Asian cities before and I was expecting to see a similar city. But Bangkok is so different! Here you see a skyscraper and just beside – a slum. You can drink delicious wine and taste incredible seafood in a wonderful restaurant on the 80th floor, but you can also grab a few pineapples or sausages at the street and enjoy it in the dirty corner. So the life is very, very different there.

For street food lovers (like me) Bangkok is the paradise. You are never gonna be hungry there. You will always find something to eat even though it is 7am or 11pm.

Apart from that, Bangkok is really beautiful. There is no place in the world where you can find so many magnificent temples. They are everywhere: just walk and you will find them. We visited both touristic and local temples. We are not against touristic places, but the real city is definitely somewhere in non-touristic areas.

After we left Bangkok, an idea came to my mind – what if some of the people who live in Bangkok do not need all this civilization? Look, they really enjoy sitting somewhere an the street eating their favourite Pad Tai. They love visiting markets and searching for some food there. They love song teo rather than metro. They love simple life. They are so close to the earth, to their roots, and they probably even do not need anything else. Not everyone, of course. Just an idea :)

One month in Thailand. December 2017 – January 2018. Pattaya
8 февраль 2018

In Pattaya we stayed at Jomtien beach – a very comfortable location for living and working. We normally woke up, had breakfast, relaxed by the pool and worked. To get some food, we made a 30-minutes walk to our favourite cafe. We ate there or grabbed some food and went to the beach. Sometimes we swam in the sea. In the evening, we usually went to the night market and ate some fruits by the sea. Lovely time…

Pattaya is definitely a great location. It is by the sea so you can swim (even though the sea is not super good there). It is a city that means it has good infrastructure. There are shops, commercial centres, bars and restaurants. It is not far from Bangkok so you can always take a bus and visit the capital of Thailand. And what is most important is that the prices are really cheap!

For the New Year we went to Koh Chang – a beautiful island in Trat district. It took us 7 hours to get there. First by car, then ferry, then again car and we are in the hotel! Our friends invited us to join for the NY and suggested that we stayed in the hotel with them. We got prepared for the NY: in Pattaya we bought ingredients and made Olivie salad – this is a national Russia New Year salad. Everyone was happy! We had much fun during our stay there. We swam, ate, drank and danced :D Although we stayed just a couple days there we really enjoyed Koh Chang – it is a perfect place for couples and families!

The next chapter is going to be about Bangkok!